Professional Outdoor Mountaineering Back pack

Professional Outdoor Mountaineering Back pack

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Professional mountaineering trekking camping backpack


A backpack is one of the most important, yet overlooked item you’ll purchase ahead of any trip.

Here is basic item specific for our 20-35l back pack

Material: Nylon

Applicable gender: neutral/male and female
Color: red, yellow, green, black, orange
Capacity: 20-35L

Knowing what to look for in a backpack isn’t always obvious and will vary depending upon how you plan to use it

Here is a run down of the key things to consider when buying your 30L backpack:

  • Well ventilated: Backpacks are usually ventilated with mesh on the parts that touch your body, allowing air circulation and air channels on the back panel. The best backpacks will have a suspended pack that doesn’t sit fully against your back.
  • Comfort: As well as being padded, you’ll also want to ensure that the weight is comfortable to carry. Most of the weight should be supported via hip belts.
  • Adjustable: You’ll want to find a backpack that has enough adjustments so that you can get the right fit to your body. Torso adjustments, shoulder straps and sternum should all be adjustable.
  • Protection: If you’re using a backpack for work then chances are, you’ll be carrying valuables. You’ll want to ensure it has adequate security as well as padding to protect electronics. A suspended laptop compartment is best to protect it during falls.
  • Front, top or panel loading: Backpacks have traditionally opened from the top. However many backpacks designed especially for travel now open from the front like a suitcase. A panel design is a mid-ground between the two.
  • Weight distribution (hip belt, chest strap, etc): If you’re backpacking then you could end up carrying your pack for long periods of time. Having a sternum strap (chest strap), hip belt and good weight balance is key

Overall, this is a great niche bag for keeping your equipment safe and ticks all boxes..


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