Picking An Outdoor Tent To Suit A Family Or Group Trip

Picking An Outdoor Tent To Suit A Family Or Group Trip

Posted by Camflee Outdoors

What should you look for when picking perfect size family or group camping tent?

Family or group travel tent

Here we will consider and explore a series of family camping tents available through our site, looking at convenience and practicality

What’s the best family tent?

The answer to this question very much depends on what your family likes, what kind of camping experience you are looking for, and how many of you there are.

Here at CamfleeOutdoors, we are proud to offer a wide range of tents suitable for all sorts of camping holidays, with each model offering its own unique selling points.

What size tent would assist a group of four?

A group or family of four will need a four-man tent. But this is before you truly give thought to what it means to invest in a family or group holiday.

A one-man tent is nothing more than a canvas tube that serves as a shield to protect the user from the elements. These tents have limited room to prevent cold air from getting inside and whipping around the interior in order to maintain as much heat as possible.

When you upgrade to a family tent, you get a lot more space and freedom; separate compartments created off the central living area, perhaps with two or three side compartments; or even one long tunnel shape that also offers a descent living space.

This means that a family of four may fit into a smaller tent, but it also means that, during an extended group or family camping vacation, you may need more space— not just for the family or group members, but also for all of your accessories and packed belongings.


If you're planning a long vacation with your family or group of four, we recommend getting a five- or even six-man camping tent, since the extra space will allow you to spread out comfortably. If you have a smaller group or are a family of three, a 4 person tent should be plenty — we have the widest selection of tents in this category. All of our models are reasonably priced to fit any budget.

In fact, once you have your family camping tent, all you have to do is grab your tent and sleeping bags and you're ready to go.

Head over to camping section on our website to learn more about our entire tent line, as well as the extensive choice of accessories designed to enhance your camping experience.

At CamfleeOutdoors we like to think of our selves practical and considerate so we like to offer options for different needs and requirements.. we base our selection of products on what’s mostly in demand, quality and all round cost effective.

We understand that some customers requirement and options maybe some that we don’t offer so we would also like to cater for them also. To do so we have some recommended larger and more tactical options if required from our trusted partners..

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* 6 Person Insulated Tent

* 3 Person Rugged Conversion Tent

* 6 Person Outdoor Cottage

* 12 To 20 Person Ultimate 13 by 27 Outffiter Tent

* 12 Person Cabin Tent With Porch

* 6 Person 2 Bed Tent With Air Frame





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